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Rowes Parking Sensors fitted from £259

Finding it difficult squeezing into tight spaces or navigating awkward obstacles? Well fortunately, at Rowes we have the answer, have you thought about fitting Parking Sensors to your vehicle?  Please enquire below or speak with one of our trained service advisors.  

Specifically designed for the make and model of your vehicle, the parking sensor is a handy device that can go a long way to preserving the bodywork of your vehicle by helping you to avoid collisions while parking.  A parking sensor is essentially a proximity sensor which can sense when an object is close. This clever sensor helps you to park your car by measuring distance from nearby objects, such as a wall or another car, indicating when you are getting close to the object by emitting a beeping or buzzing noise. 


Non Colour Coded £259.00
Colour Coded £299.00
Front and Rear Colour Coded £598.00

Parking Sensors

Dashcam FITTED FROM £209


The World's Leading Dash Cam Brand

It is not just a simple camera, but a dependable partner that captures every second perfectly for you whilst driving. Nobody can be sure what will happen on the road. However, Thinkware dash cams never miss a thing.

This high-quality image capability offers drivers excellent coverage at the front and rear of their vehicle while minimizing blind spots thanks to the WDR. With its compact design, the F200 can easily be placed behind the rearview mirror without causing any obstruction to the driver’s view; ensuring the camera placement adheres to safety laws and standards.

F200 1CH (Forward Facing Only)

F200 16GB 1CH Hardwire or Plug & Play



F200 2CH (Forward and Rear Facing)

F200 16GB 2CH Hardwire or Plug & Play with Rear Internal



Want to learn more? Thinkware have all the information you need here