Honda CR-V Boot & Utility Parts

Below you will find all the latest parts and accessories available from Rowes for the Honda CR-V. If you would like more information on any of our parts / accessories then please contact our experienced staff at your nearest branch by telephone or email, or simply complete the enquiry form and we will aim to get back to you within 2 hours during business hours.

Premium Boot Organiser

Part number 08L62-T0A-600

Fitted price £365 Inc. VAT

This innovative boot organiser enables you to organise your car's boot space.

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Boot Net

Part number 08L96-SWW-600

Fitted price £57 Inc. VAT

Fixed to the standard boot hooks, this specially designed horizontal boot net keeps luggage secured safely in place as you drive.

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Boot Mat

Part number 08P11-T1G-610

Fitted price £77 Inc. VAT

Keep the boot area clean and free from dirt and scratches. This waterproof boot mat is designed to fit perfectly in the area that needs the most protection. Features Graphite Black needle felt carpet with black woven binding.

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Dog Guard

Part number 08U35-T1G-600

Fitted price £200 Inc. VAT

The dog guard keeps your pets safe by separating the rear passenger area from the luggage compartment. It's a must for those who have pets, and fits snugly between rear seat back and roof interior.

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Boot Tray

Part number 08U45-T1G-600

Fitted price £105 Inc. VAT

Perfectly shaped to fit your car's rear storage space, this waterproof, anti-slip boot tray, with raised edges and CR-V logo, will protect the boot from dirt and scratches.

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First Aid Kit

Part number 08Z25-9R6-600

Fitted price £75 Inc. VAT

There in case of an emergency, the first aid kit contains: adhesive bandage, bandages, dressing, scissors, vinyl gloves, content note, first aid instructions. Shelf-life: five years. Includes: 10 kits.

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