Service Manager

We are looking to recruit a Service Manager at one of our busy Honda dealerships. The role will require the candidate to have experience in a similar role or from a Senior Service Advisor position, customer facing.

Location: Plymouth
Salary: £25,000 plus bonus £30,000 OTE
Benefits: After a 3 months probation benefits will include a pension scheme and the Rowes Employee Benefit Scheme.
Working Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm Every other Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm
Driving Licence Required: Yes


a.  To ensure the efficient and profitable operation of the service department.
b.  To control resources at a level commensurate with profit requirements and enhanced customer relations.
c.  To maximise departmental profitability through the sale of labour, parts and materials to franchise and non-franchise customers.


2.1  Directly responsible to:
  Dealer Principal / Group Service Manager

2.2  Responsible for:
  Service Receptionists, Workshop Foreman, Workshop Controller, Mechanical Repair Technicians (skilled and semi-skilled), apprentices, administrative staff including Cost Clerk, Warranty Clerk, and Bodyshop personnel as delegated.

2.3  Relationships with:
  Financial Controller, Sales Manager, Parts Manager, Bodyshop Manager, manufacturer's representatives, suppliers and other company representatives, specialist repairers and sub-let suppliers, insurance company assessors, representatives of statutory or legislative bodies, Health & Safety Officer.


3.1  Improved profitability:
a.  Ensure the service  department achieves budget objectives by continual (weekly/monthly) examination of accounts, operating controls and composite figures to allow the necessary improvements and corrective action to be taken where variations occur.
b.  Ensure accurate invoicing and job costing in the service department.
c.  To ensure premises and equipment and other assets are controlled and used effectively.
d.  To ensure all materials purchased are controlled and sold at a profit.

3.2  Customer service and satisfaction:
  To improve the quality of customer service and retention by enhanced facilities, improved technical skills and high standards of quality workmanship.

3.3  Cost control:
a.  To maintain effective control of expenses in line with budget objectives by monthly examination of management accounts.
b.  In conjunction with the achievement of labour efficiency targets, to maintain workshop productivity records and monitor the effective use of labour.
c.  Ensure all outstanding debts are collected expeditiously.
d.  Establish and monitor all training requirements and costs to provide satisfactory levels of skill, job satisfaction and cost-effective development of key personnel.


4.1  Capital expenditure:
  State in full as agreed with Dealer Principal .

4.2  Personnel:
  Recruitment and dismissal of staff within agreed limits subject to approval by Dealer Principal.

4.3  Operational:
  Authorisation to purchase stock, consumables, short-life tools and other service-related products.  Identification of the authority to grant credit.


5.1  Staff:

a.  Ensure that training standards are fully maintained so that future manpower requirements are covered.
b.  In consultation with training personnel, establish training needs, plan programme and maintain records of training.  Ensure up-to-date and accurate documentation to allow grant redemption.
c.  Establish training programme to update technical staff.
d.  Establish and administer 'in-dealership training' policies as required to provide the recommended standards of service.
5.2  Administration:
a.  Ensure all clerical functions within the service department are carried out in accordance with stated policies, eg. warranty claims, customer follow-up, workshop loading, estimating, invoicing and daily operating controls.
b.  Review with Dealer Principal all departmental activities and reporting systems.
c.  Establish adequate safety and security procedures to protect property and dealership personnel.
d.  Monitor all workshop equipment for condition and accuracy of diagnosis.
e.  Administer warranty policy in the best interests of dealership, manufacturer and customer.
f.  Ensure adequate maintenance of the service department.
g.  Ensure adequate maintenance of tools, equipment and other materials in the service department.

5.3  Communications:
a.  Maintain effective liaison with all other departmental managers.
b.  Advise General Manager or Dealer Principal on all service-related matters.
c.  Maintain direct liaison with manufacturers, suppliers, statutory representatives and all other contacts.
d.  Advise as required on mechanical and diagnostic problems.

5.4  Marketing:
a  In collaboration with sales department, establish system and method of ensuring all vehicle buyers/owners are introduced to service department and key personnel.

5.5  Finance:
a.  Carry out a regular review of all pricing policies, labour rates, fleet discounts, parts pricing and other dealership policies.
b.  Monitor workshop productive performance daily, by total and individual technician/mechanics.
c.  Monitor service department financial performance weekly.
d.  Monitor all warranty claim submissions and requisite credits and take action as required.


a.  Technical skills, knowledge and experience of the retail motor industry.
b.  Ability to control clerical work, administration, organisation, systems and financial matters.
c.  Leadership attributes.
d.  Up-to-date knowledge of vehicle legislation, consumer legislation and trade practices.
e.  Technical and engineering qualifications.
f.  Skills, experience and knowledge of modern business methods and financial control.


7.1  Sales volume:
  Labour sales to achieve budget for period.

7.2  Profit:  
a.  Labour efficiency, lubricants margins, sublet margins to achieve budgets for period
b.  All lost sales recorded

Added: 05 November 2020

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