Added: 03 January 2020

Unfortunately for every car owner one of the biggest worries is "What happens if I have an accident in my car?" Followed by "How much is it going to cost? Should I go through my insurance or pay for the repair myself?" It can be a stressful time for any car owner, whether a small scrape or a large repair.
Rowes are here to help! You may not be aware but we have three Accident Repair Centres based in Plymouth and Cornwall.
We interviewed our Group Bodyshop Manager, Alan Braunton, and discussed what to do if you have an accident:
What is your experience in the motor industry?

“I have been involved with this industry for over thirty five years, starting as an apprentice panel beater and progressing to management some twenty years ago and my passion for the repair industry remains as strong as ever.”
What can Rowes do for customers who have an accident?
“My team and I are able to organise estimates, obtain authority from Insurance Companies and oversee the repair process and handover, delivering the car back to the customer in pristine condition. After a collision most car owners will call their Insurance Company and follow the instructions given to them, not knowing one of the most important pieces of information: LEGALLY THE CHOICE OF THE REPAIRER IS YOURS! You do not have to take your car to the Accident Repair Centre they recommend and the claims team will normally use techniques to persuade you into their network because it suits their company. The choice is yours not the insurers.”
Top Tips
1. Some insurers will double your excess if you use a garage outside of their network. So be aware when renewing your insurance, the cheapest policy is rarely the best.
2. Would you consider allowing your Honda or Suzuki to be serviced at a garage other than Rowes?  Somehow I doubt it, so don’t let your Insurance Company dictate to you.
3. Call your Insurance Company by all means but do not agree to anything. Obtain a claim number and then we recommend that you simply call Rowes.
Our promise is that we will only use genuine Honda or Suzuki parts, approved Honda or Suzuki paint and trained Honda or Suzuki Technicians, together with a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
For any questions on our Accident Repair Centres please call Alan Braunton on 01752 243 193