FAQs Answered

Added: 27 April 2020

Below is guidance to some frequently asked questions:

Some customers maybe concerned that they have voided their warranty or guarantee by not getting their servicing completed at the correct intervals due to the lockdown restrictions. Please be assured that if you are late getting your service completed due to the lockdown, as long as your car is booked in at your earliest convenience when our dealerships reopen, your warranty or guarantee will remain valid.

Service Plans
If you have a service plan on your vehicle, please do not worry if it is late being done, you will still be entitled to the service as long as you book in when we reopen at your earliest convenience once restrictions have been removed.

Report any issues to us
If you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle and your warranty or guarantee is about to expire, please contact us via our website to make us aware as this will mean that you have reported the issue during the policies active dates and the claim will be processed in the normal way when our dealership reopen.

In an Emergency
If you experience a breadown or emergency please contact:
Hondacare Assistance - 0800 521 728
Suzuki Assistance - 0800 107 1155

Crystal Clear Warranty Admin Policies - 08081441755

Are you employed by the NHS?  If you are and you do not currently have breakdown cover, the AA is giving you free breakdown membership during the lockdown period. Please contact them on 0800 072 5064 should you need their assistance.

Any other queries please email info@rowes.co.uk