St Luke's £1 Car Raffle WINNER!

Added: 22 August 2019

Whether they’re playing St Luke’s lottery or buying a ticket for a St Luke’s raffle, those who take part in this make a big difference in their community, helping St Luke’s continue to provide a bespoke end of life care for terminally ill people at home, in hospital and at St Luke’s specialist unit at Turnchapel.

Among the kind-hearted supporters helping to keep St Luke’s nurses on the road is Maureen Venschoyle, lucky winner of a shiny, brand new Suzuki Celerio SZ2, the top prize in our recent car raffle.

Maureen said: “I am absolutely delighted! I’m giving the car to my daughter-in-law, who is then giving her car to my grandson. Wherever I have lived, I have always tried to support the local hospice – they make the end of someone’s life very, very peaceful and St Luke’s does such a marvellous job.”

Maureen’s prize car was very kindly supplied by Rowes Suzuki in Plymouth. Rowes Group Marketing Manager, Rebecca Moore, said: “We want to support the local community and we know St Luke’s as a charity makes a huge difference in the area. We’re delighted to get behind such a fantastic cause.”