Service Pricing

There are various servicing options at Rowes which we can tailor to suit your car. There are two types of service available: Minor Service (Level 1) & Major Service (Level 2), both with the option of adding other items as and when required. Depending on the mileage and service history of your car we’ll discuss the most suitable level for your car.

Your car deserves the best! Upgrade to our Rowes Premium Service which includes a full engine oil flush and fuel injection treatment using advanced industry leading products. Benefits include: Improved performance, reduced emissions, increased engine component and DPF protection plus more MPG!

Service Level Petrol
Turbo / Hybrid
Minor Service (Level 1) £185 £215 £215
Major Service (Level 2) £299 £325 £325
Brake Fluid Change £69 £69 £69
Air Con Service £79 £79 £79
MOT £54.85 £54.85 £54.85
High Performance Oil Upgrade £22 £22 £22


Rowes Premium Service  - Upgrade for only £55 across all 3 types of cars

Service Pricing

Please note;

Should you wish to upgrade to a high performing engine oil for your car to give improved engine protection, miles per gallon and reduced emissions, please add £22 to the above services.

Cars with 8 sparkplugs or ones which are iridium or platinum are replaced at an additional cost to the Level 2 Service.

If A/C system requires a full gas re-fill, additional £96 added to A/C Service price.