Service Pricing

There are two types of service available Minor Service & Major Service, both with the option of adding other items as and when required. Depending on the mileage and service history of your car we’ll discuss the most suitable level for your car.

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Service Level Small Car Medium Car Large Car
Minor Service (Level 1) £169 £189 £199
Major Service (Level 2) £285 £289 £299
Brake Fluid Change £65 £65 £65
Air Con Service* £79 £79 £79
MOT £54.85 £54.85 £54.85
Fully Synthetic Oil Upgrade £22 £22 £22
Service Pricing
Please note;

If your car is a Diesel, Hybrid, Performance or requires Fully Synthetic Oil please add £22, or for a Civic Type R Turbo add £65.

Small Car is 1400cc / Medium Car is 1401cc - 1800 cc / Large Car is 1801cc - 2500cc.

Cars with 8 spark plugs or iridium/platinum type additional cost applicable to Level 2 price.

* Air Con Service is for R134a gas if you require 1234YF gas please add £34.