It’s bigger and better than ever

Added: 17 July 2018

The new, fifth generation, CR-V will be on sale in the UK from September 2018. It’s slightly bigger in all dimensions and it has even more ground clearance, increasing its off-road potential. This exciting new model can have an additional two seats added making it an excellent 7-seater and all round great family car.

The new CR-V has a much more refined look compared to the old one. It has a stronger identity and more presence on the road. The interior has had a complete new look, and while cloth seats will be available in lower models, leather seats will also be available making it easier to clean. The traditional dash display has been replaced with a 7-inch display screen and there is also a touch screen infotainment system with another 7-inch screen. The new model also features a telescopic steering wheel to ensure the drivers maximum comfort. 

New types of suspension have been added to the front and rear increasing driver and passenger comfort irrespective of road surface. New features also include intelligent control system and agile handling assist to improve stability around bends and to keep you on the road in variable driving conditions.

High strength steel makes up 36% of the body frame, increasing strength and reducing weight to increase performance in the unlikely event of a collision.  The new ‘ACE’ body structure is designed to distribute force from front impact helping to protect occupants in both cars in the event of a collision. Lane keeping assistant, adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation breaking system will reduce the chances of a collision occurring.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a CR-V there are some excellent deals to be found on the current model.