Protection Products

Here at Rowes we offer a range of protection products to help you protect your new vehicle. Simply click on an option below to find out more.

Protection Products

GAP Insurance

We believe you should not lose out in the unfortunate event that your car is written-off or stolen. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance is a way to give you peace of mind.

GAP Insurance will cover you for the difference between your car’s insurance company’s valuation in the open market and the price you paid for it. As a result, you don’t lose out and you are in a position to replace your car with one of an equivalent value or, pay off the outstanding balance of your finance agreement, whichever is the greater amount.

For full details please contact your local Rowes dealership for further information on GAP Insurance.

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Protection Products

SMART Insurance


Unfortunately, scuffs, chips and dents are a part of everyday driving. Someone could carelessly dent your pristine bodywork in a crowded car park, or an annoying small stone could chip your bonnet in the blink of an eye. But is it worth the risk of possibly losing your motor insurance no-claims bonus? We don’t think so. That’s where SMART Insurance comes in.

SMART Insurance provides a body repair system that can help keep your vehicle in showroom condition, without compromising your motor insurance no-claims bonus.

The policy can help to ensure that your vehicle’s appearance will remain free from the effects of damage caused by everyday motoring.

Which panels of my car are covered?

  • Scratches, scuffs and dents up to 300mm in length and 3mm deep.
  • Stone chips up to 5mm in diameter and 1.5mm deep.
  • Covers vulnerable panels including front and rear valances.
  • Professionally repaired to immaculate standards.

For full details please contact your local Rowes dealership for further information on SMART Insurance.

Protection Products



Gen-3 Glasscoat helps protect your pride and joy from whatever the roads and weather throw at it. Using technology developed by NASA, it forms a barrier over your paintwork to keep it looking newer for longer. And if it's good enough for astronauts, it's perfect for your Suzuki.

Simply watch this video for everything you need to know, or find out more below.

What is Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat?

  • The main chemical (Polysilazane) in Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat, is a form of "Liquid Glass" coating applied to surfaces
  • The advanced formula hardens to a ceramic coating for ultimate protection, that’s impervious to solvents, alkaline cleaners and petrol or diesel spills.
  • Gen 3 can be applied to paint, plastics, metal surfaces and alloy wheels as well as to the side glass

How does Suzuki Gen-3 Glasscoat work?

  • Forms a tough invisible shield over paintwork
  • Prevents oxidisation and dirt adhesion to topcoat
  • Protects paint and alloys against abrasives such as acid rain, salt and road grit, car wash brushes and bird lime.
  • This product being so advanced it was used by NASA during their space shuttle programme.

How do I apply Suzuki Gen 3 Glasscoat?

  • You don't need to - your dealer will do all the hard work for you
  • Only one application required
  • Better protected paintwork means less washing too
  • Also includes an interior protection product.
  • It’s the only product of its type approved by us and is backed by a Suzuki 5 year, transferable warranty

For more information please contact your local Rowes Suzuki Dealership

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